Mentorship:  Three Necessary Elements

Mentorship: Three Necessary Elements

Much of what I find myself doing as a speech coach is falling more into the mentorship category than the instructing category. I recently got an idea from a client.  He had called to discuss hiring me to speak to his staff, something I’ve done several times for his...
Pomp and Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance

I went to my first graduation in years yesterday (I don’t consider a kindergarten or elementary school graduation a real event worthy of such a title — there needs to be a diploma involved).  I was there to support a speaker and discovered that there were...
Pomp and Circumstance

Handling a Bad Review

How to Handle a Bad Review After Your Speech or Presentation “How do I handle a bad review after my speech or presentation?” is a question I often get. As a trainer/speaker, I receive thousands of reviews. The questions vary, but the purpose is usually the...

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