Many moons ago we discussed why individual introductions in a group setting don’t work.  I still stand by that.  But I watched a proper way to handle them when they are done the other day.  Ms. Big Wig could have sat by and said, “Uh, huh.  I see.  Nice.  Whatever.”  Instead, she did what most leaders who have position on their side seldom do — she acted interested.  She took notes.  Even while writing, she made sure she cut glances at the speaker.  And then, when the floor shifted to Ms. Wig, she included those tidbits in her spiel and appropriately brought up what had been said.  She had everyone’s name (and had met few, if any before) right before her and she used them in the conversation.The audience got the message: “What you say matters.  I’m interested in you.”  And that’s probably better than any other message that a honcho could give.  Come to think of it, I don’t recall what her spoken message even was to the troops.  It doesn’t matter.  The real message was spoken loud and clear.

Show interest to anyone who has the floor.

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