• Dark blinds that keep the early sun out of my bedroom on a day I can sleep in.
  • Baby monitors that alert me to nightmares and the honor to cuddle and comfort my daughter through the experience.
  • Kids’ naivete to just tough it out and do what they have to do (when noses bleed, fingers are squished, and arms are broken).
  • The incredible colors here in North Carolina this year.
  • People who pursue their passions against all odds. You inspire me.
  • Modern technology that allows me to pick up the phone from anywhere in the world and connect to love ones and say, “I just saw something that reminded me of you.” (and I’m ashamed I don’t do this more).
  • The realization that there was absolutely nothing in this morning’s 20-pound newspaper full of advertisements that I need and very little I even want.
  • The fact that eating a insane amount of food on one day doesn’t cause extreme lasting weight or health effects.
  • Every time I hit the brake in my car this year, the car stopped.
  • Every time the person behind me (intersecting me) hit the brake in their car, their car stopped.
  • Good news phone calls/emails vastly outweighed bad news phone calls/emails this year.
  • Kids learning to spell, and using “I love you, daddy” as their primary practice sentence.
  • Riding bikes fast down a hill.
  • The sound of a basketball net when the ball swishes through.
  • Mountains.
  • Airplanes.
  • Forgiveness.

Another thing I’m thankful for is the opportunity to express myself here on this blog. I realize that readership is restricted to the select few groupies (thanks, mom!) and occasional passer-by, and most are lurkers — public comments are few. In the grand scheme of things, this blog isn’t even on the map and rates me as a bit player in a petabyte world. But it’s indeed a privilege, and I draw great comfort that it’s been worth it if even one post out of the 330 I’ve made has touched you and made your communication — and this world — a better place.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Be thankful.  And… thanks.

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