The end of the year is always a busy time.  In addition to the obvious Christmas and New Years celebrations, travel, and requisite events, we have two birthdays (my son’s and mine) to celebrate, kids tracked out of school, and now supposed inclement weather (although in NC, when it’s forecast, you can usually count on it not occuring).Most of us are well on our way to breaking our New Year’s Resolutions (35% of us do by the end of January — citation) and the off days and down time are well behind us as the pressures of a New Year are upon us.  Already 19 days in, the year is getting away.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.For the loyal readers — both of you — I am sorry I let the time get away and haven’t written in a while. I’m even more sorry that I didn’t have time to play floor hockey with my son every time he asked, ride bikes, take walks, and sit back for long conversations.  On the positive side, I’ve enjoyed catching up with old friends via the ubiquitous Christmas letter, have made some important decisions about work and life, and have had some great moments with family (even now I sit typing this with a little girl in my lap and just explained why I like my kids’ mom more than their grandparents).I’ve not given up noting life and the mysteries of communication.  In fact, I’ve been busy taking even more notes and have more material than I could ever write here.  One day, perhaps, I’ll just point you to the book.In the meantime, I am more than ever committed to making each moment count, making each contact matter, and make each message make a difference.

Make the most of your life.  Begin today.

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