Speaking with a friend recently who has been applying to jobs, looking to return to a work force that dumped him pretty abruptly.  He’s capable and experienced — and out of work.He’s had several interviews — several have been quite promising.  He is still unemployed.He shared two situations that stuck out.  In one, he made a follow-up call to the hiring manager, who in essence said, “I don’t have anything to tell you, blah-blah-blah.  We’re evaluating our options with HR.”  Subsequent calls got even more deferrals.  He knew interviewing had finished.  Eventually, HR sent a form letter that the position had been filled, thank for your interest, bye-bye.A second interview was at the same crossroads.  Follow-up with the hiring manager yielded a long conversation that began with, “We’ve just settled on another candidate who is a better match to the skillset we were hoping to fill.  We liked a lot about what you had to offer, but this was a better fit.  If we have another need, we would be thrilled to have you come back to talk with us.“Both situations are likely similar.  This candidate is not one of those, “How on God’s green earth did HE make the screen?” He’s competent and capable, trying to push the envelope into a new territory.Which response would you rather hear?  Why couldn’t manager #1 even give a response?  What did he say by saying nothing and letting a form letter do his work for him?  The answer is not positive for that firm and group.People want the truth.  They may be disappointed by it, surprised by it, don’t like it, and stay in denial for who knows how long about it.  But they want it.   The second half of the equation, according to Ephesians 4:15 would be to “speak the truth in love.”  There is no reason to make a point or kick someone while they are down.  Every interviewee knows that NOT getting the job is a possibility.  They prep for that, even.  To not tell a capable potential employee that they were not hired reeks of spineless dishonesty.  It’s not a lie, but my guess is my friend didn’t want to work there anyway.  Manager #2?  I’d work for him.  At least you know where you stand.

Speak the truth.  Kindly.

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