I’ve run into a lot of people networking lately, and the icebreaker and #1 question on everybody’s mind is “What do you do?“.  How I answer that question usually determines where the conversation will go.

I have lots of proven ideas and techniques for HOW to deliver the message — it’s the message that everybody seems to struggle with.  At a business networking event the other night, our 30 minutes allotted to The Pitch turned into a 2+ hour marathon as we all critiqued and brainstormed ways to make our pitches better.  Everyone agreed — it’s hard to get it right.  While it’s easy to say what’s wrong with a pitch, it’s harder to figure out what a good one sounds like.

Let’s set the parameters:

  1. It has to be a maximum of two (2) sentences.  Aim for 8 seconds, tops.
  2. It has to clearly convey what you do and how that relates to the listener.
  3. It has to be something they can repeat — or at least the idea of it.
  4. Bonus points if it’s cute, pithy, and makes them go “Wow!

What are the techniques or principles you use to garner interest in your Pitch?  Shoot me a comment or drop a line and I’ll summarize and break them down in a later post.

Know and practice your Pitch.

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