I watched the very cute movie “Charlotte’s Web” last night with the family.  I was awed by the technical aspects of the film combining live animals, puppets (there’s probably a better term), and virtually generated animals.  But two lines of the film jumped out at me and have a direct impact on our communications.  Today you get two nuggets for the price of one — two for Tuesday.

First, when Charlotte (the spider) was addressing the barn animals, she used some big words.  This helped to develop the character of the runt pig Wilbur and to give the spider some authority in the barnyard.  One of the animals says, “Man, can that spider talk.”  And another responds, “Yeah, but what did she say, exactly?

My blog title is based on this.  We used lots of words.  We give off non-verbal signals.  We have a plan.  But what do we say?  And does it match?  We drone on and on about our businesses, but what do we say?  We speak things to loved ones, but what do we say? We explain our situation, product, and feelings, but what do we say, exactly?  This is critical stuff, and insight only a cartoon can give.

What are you saying, exactly?

My second moment was after the “Some Pig” message had lost its allure.  The crowds disappeared.  The barnyard loses its life.  The animals all want something amazing to happen.  Narrator: “What was amazing yesterday had suddenly become ordinary again today.

This is the problem with most of our efforts in life.  We work hard to make something amazing happen, and it is no longer amazing.  We can easily lose our desire to even try to make the next amazing thing.  Yet there are so many things we simply MUST do.  And if we view them as amazing, we are inspired, and can inspire others.

What amazing thing has become ordinary in your life?


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