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The Role of Attitude in Speaking

Attitude is the single greatest factor in whether you can become truly great at any endeavor. One of the negative aspects of my job is that I rarely get to see (live, anyway) the product of my efforts. If I train or coach a client, they are likely presenting at a...

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7 Speaking Tips for Handling Presentation Mistakes

Handling Presentation Mistakes Handling presentation mistakes can be difficult, even for professional speakers, if you're not prepared. My friend Karin (pronounced CARR-in) Wiberg recently blogged about lessons learned from speakers. Calling Karin a friend seems to be...

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Top 3 Mistakes Conference Speakers Make and 3 Easy Fixes

Top 3 Mistakes Conference Speakers Make I’ve just come back from several conferences and watched many conference speakers in action.  One of the benefits of speaking at a conference is usually a full pass to attend the entire conference.  I like to get there early and...

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3 Tips for Handling Questions During a Presentation

Handling Questions During a Presentation Handling questions can be the downfall of many presenters, even if their presentation is spot on. At most any conference you go to, the breakout sessions follow a predictable pattern.  The room host gets up and calls everyone...

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Three Skills that Drive Confidence in Public Speaking

The most popular phone call we get at MillsWyck Communications The situations are different but the calls are the same about confidence in public speaking: conference speaker, all-hands meeting, wedding toast, stand before peers speaking in a second language, or asked...

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Speaking and Writing: Similarities and Differences

Similarities and Differences Between Speaking and Writing There are many similarities between speaking and writing. While I’ve never considered myself a writer by trade, I have long recognized the similarities between writing and speaking. Writing my book was the...

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Storytelling: The One Skill Every Master Communicator Uses

Storytelling in Public Speaking: The number one characteristic that makes a speaker great. That’s my story (and I’m sticking to it) Storytelling in public speaking is the number one characteristic that makes a speaker great.  I had an attendee at one of my speaking...

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The Speech Coach Genie’s Wish

What is the Speech Coach Genie's Top Wish? The first question a speech coach asks starts with the end in mind.  As kids, dreaming and wishing were part of our daily ritual.  Whether it was trying to put ourselves into a fantasy world with a Disney character, imagining...

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Three Tips on How to Avoid Being Misinterpreted When Speaking

Do you know how to avoid being misinterpreted when speaking? Ever had a child, a co-worker, or a friend misquote you?  It can be embarrassing, inefficient, or perhaps hurtful.  Or worse.  Read on to see what you can do to ensure communication success. What they say...

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Communication Principles for Effective Managers and Teachers

Three Communication Principles Every Manager and Teacher Should Use Communication skills matter. High school finals are coming in our house.  It’s been a long time since I last took a final exam, and it’s hard to imagine having the mental discipline to study for one...

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