This post could have dozens of examples tacked to it.  It’s one of the most common things I see.  And it’s an easy fix.  That’s hard.  :-)The phrase goes something like this: “What I want to tell you…” or “I just want to say…”  I listened to a group of trainers today utter it dozens of times.  They meant well.  They were giving context.  They were trying to spit out part of their copious knowledge with the hopes that maybe the learners would absorb some of it.  But they were also ignoring their audience’s needs.Remember Rule #1!  Who cares what we want to say?  Instead say what the audience wants (needs) to hear.  It’s a much better tactic.  And it sounds better, too.  It’s really not so much what we utter but what we think.  If we’re thinking of the audience, such words will never be uttered.

Be audience-centric in your thinking.  And speaking.

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