Dilbert: 2013.05.01

Dilbert once again takes aim at corporate communicators, humorously making us realize that our impact is more than a show.

Delivery skills (such as the charismatic tone of a deep, confident voice!) are VITALLY important.  They create impressions (good or bad).  They make it easy (or hard) to listen and put emphasis on the important points.  They manage time and space and draw the audience to attention (or bore them to tears).

But a great voice alone isn’t enough.  You must have CONTENT.  Good, organized, pertinent, relevant, well-timed, interesting, and accurate content.

And lest you walk away thinking that’s it, there is still more!


If we fail to CONNECT with our audience, we fail to make them want to even listen.  Many a speaker gave accurate information delivered well, and never got the audience to pay attention.  It’s the perfect intersection of delivery, content, AND connection that makes GREAT speakers.

Don’t focus solely on one aspect of speaking.

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